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When I thought about posting a new cookie recipe as my first post ever in my blogging career I threw on the brakes and thought “Katie, what are you thinking?!? Do something cooler!” So that leads us to this exciting post of “The Places I’ve Lived in Nail Art” (working title).

This craft was inspired by an idea I saw on none other than the ever popular Pinterest. Some of you may have heard of this growing addiction. Warning signs include random inspiration, desire to craft the impossible, higher than normal credit card bills, knowing the Home Depot and Jo-Ann’s employees by name, and lack of sleep. The cure is yet to be found so please be cautious out there. I also really liked this idea because I thought I would be able to incorporate my old Pennsylvania license plate I’ve been holding onto since 2008, proof is in the registration sticker. And so the project begins…

In my lifetime I’ve really only called 3 places home. Pittsburgh, PA of course is where I grew up and my family still lives, it will always be home. Athens, OH, locale of the great  Ohio University, is where I made some of my best friends and memories. It was home for 4 years and if I could I’d go back in a heartbeat. Los Angeles, CA of course is home to me now. I took a chance and moved out here with no apartment or job and luckily the past 4 years have treated me very well. It’s where my personal journey begins and what has lead me to write this blog now. So despite what I said in the previous paragraph, now the project beings…

If you’re interested in recreating this project, here is what you’ll need:

  • Plywood, sized to fit your design
  • Your design pattern – I just printed mine out on legal size paper
  • Sandpaper – I recommend 150 and 220 (a hand sanding block is also very helpful)
  • Stain
  • Paintbrush and towels
  • Hammer
  • 5/8″ Wire Nails
  • String – I used white Hobby Twine that I found at Home Depot

Total Cost: roughly $25. Total Time: 1 week, but I’m easily distracted and was scared to nail after 8:30pm. (sigh) apartment living.

To begin I sanded down my plywood starting with the 150 grit and finishing with the 220. I then wiped it down and began to stain. I painted the entire piece of plywood with the brush, let it sit for about 10 minutes, then wiped the excess off with paper towels. At first it wasn’t quite dark enough so I applied the stain a second time and it was perfect!

(Don't mind my awesome painting outfit or my butt on your screen)

After the wood had dried I laid out my state cut outs and scotch taped them to the wood on a few corners. I measured out the spacing for my nails next. For the strait sides I spaced them 3/4″ apart and on the crazy curvy sides (thanks Ohio and Cali for making this really easy) I mostly just spaced them to match the ins and outs.

After all your nails are in, tie off your string to one of the nails and go back and forth between the edge of the design and the heart. You can really make it look however you want here. Since my cities weren’t centered in any of the states (another great perk) I decided to zig zag near the hearts so it would fill some of the bigger spaces. After you string it all just tie if off and you’re pretty much done!!

I had planned on mounting this piece of art above my dresser so the finishing touches were putting some brackets on the back. I find the easiest way to be able to keep large pieces level on the wall is to use hanging wire on the back. (I’m horrible with those stupid jaggedy mounting brackets)

Finally it’s time to hang it on the wall! Here are the pictures of my final product. For my first attempt at this craft I’m pretty happy with how this turned out! Next on the list, one for my roommate for putting up with all my stuff laying around the apartment and the fumes from the drying paint. I’m not so sure she’s going to like this new crafting blog of mine…

Crafter out. Katie.

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