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The String Scarf: Attempt #1

About five years ago I discovered a wonderful little store called Madewell.  J.Crew owns it so it’s really no wonder that I like it there.  But the price point can sometimes be a little high for my casual tastes so I limit my shopping to their sale section.  On one such trip I found this really versatile grey string scarf that I ended up paying about $5 for.  This piece is something that I’ve worn pretty consistently for the last three years.  See below…

Me modeling Madewell's String Scarf

It always keeps my neck fashionably warm and I’m always getting big compliments on it.  The scarf design is quite simple, it’s just strips of jersey fabric looped together and I’ve longed to replicate it in various colors.  In the last couple months I’ve noticed that some of the strings are becoming increasingly stretched out so if I was ever going to try to recreate it now is the time.  Here’s my first attempt…

I have a bunch of used t-shirts laying around the bungalow for another project (a knitted blanket made up entirely of t-shirts).

Boyfriend's shirt pulled from the Knitted T-Shirt Blanket shirt stash.




So for this idea I just went to my cache of shirts and  found a Large Mens t-shirt in some sort of interesting color.  (Which turned out to be a pale blue. Snooze. But this is why we are calling this “Attempt #1”.)  Don’t worry about the graphics on the shirt, you won’t notice that once you start cutting.













Once you find a shirt that you can cut up, grab your fabric scissors and lay your shirt out flat.

You’ll start cutting the shirt from armpit to armpit and then cut along the bottom hem of the shirt.  Don’t worry too much about keeping the cuts straight, the fabric rolls up quite nicely once it’s cut. (Remember all those Macho Man Randy Savage t-shirts you made in the 80s?)









From there fold the shirt over once to within an inch of the seam.  Repeat that once more so that        when you are cutting you will just need one snip with those fabric scissors.











The strips you make should be about an 1″ to 1 1/2″ wide, and you should be careful not to take your horizontal cuts all the way across the entire fabric.  You’ll want to stay within an inch of that seam you folded to create a sort of ‘spine’ to this project.  Once you have finished cutting the project should still be all one piece of fabric.

From here you will stretch the piece out.  I put that ‘spine’ we created along seam under my foot and I pulled the rest of the fabric up as if I was trying to do one of those work out curls.  This will stretch the fabric making it much longer and it will really disguise those uneven cuts you might have made earlier.  Thankfully you choose a large enough shirt in the beginning so that you could stretch the piece to go around your neck twice.  Since we have recycled this shirt you will want to loop the shirt twice so that the seams are always hidden behind your neck and…VIOLA!






….you just made your very own string scarf!







So to recap here’s what you’ll need:

  • Fabric Scissors
  • Large Mens T-Shirt
  • And about 15 minutes

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